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Oscar the Dragon
Oscar the Dragon

Oscar The Dragon Children's Books

  I LOVE this book!


The crossing of paths of a young boy and a dragon results in a whimsically profound story, told in rhyme, destined to be cherished by young children and adults for years to come. This book is artfully illustrated in a style reminiscent of Peter Max. Oscar becomes the wind beneath the wings of change in Soo-sill-a-dill-ay as he and a young boy reveal the power of listening and speaking what is in your heart. 

Cheryl O. Teacher and School Psychologist
Fictional character, Oscar the Dragon, has a bottomless pit of an appetite and finds himself far from home after being turned away by his friends and neighbors. He finds that his insatiable appetite can help the townspeople of Soo-sill-a-dill-ay.    Oscar befriends a young boy who shares the dragon’s adventures and whose mature questioning at the end of the story leaves us asking ourselves the same question.

This is a page-turner for me… I was so eager to see the beautiful illustrations and to find out where Oscar’s appetite would take him. The author, Kathy Ryan, knows how to put down on paper a predictable storyline that will draw in and keep all children. Her use of rhythm and rhyme along with descriptive language builders will certainly appeal to parents and teachers of young children.

Oscar is my favorite character… his adventuresome spirit and quick response to the townspeople’s problem held me to the last page. Oscar’s loving dragon face is sure to capture the heart of every young child!

Anne Cahn, retired educator

Dear Author and Artist,

I am so impressed by the cover and this website. I just felt compelled to let you know that I would love to order this book and also more if there is a series. Thank you for making a book that sounds full of moral values for children of every age!


                                                                                            Donna R.

Oscar is OK, but he gets in my way when I'm flying.



Oscar is my very favrit dragin in the world.

                                  Benji C. U.

That was awesome.     Read it to me again!

                     Aurabella D.

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Oscar! 5-star review:

This is an adorable book, with a really fun-to-read story in rhyme. And the illustrations are just fabulous! Very detailed with brilliant colors. My grandkids love intricate pictures where they can look for all kinds of little details, and see new things every time we read it. Plus, it's got a good message - love is powerful, and friendship and working together can work miracles! Highly recommended! Type your paragraph here.

Sue  5-star review:

Not your typical kids book! The story line and verse is so charming. Hopefully, there will be more books in the future!! Illustrations are outrageously fantastic!


Oscar The Dragon Children's Books

Type your paragraph here.  5-star review:

I love the illustrations and the way the story is told.

I just received my signed book and read it quickly. I love the illustrations and the way the story is told in rhyme. It reminds me of the Dr.Seuss books. My 2.5 year old will be sure to like the story and looking at all the pictures. It may take us a few days to get thru the story, but we'll have lots of fun looking at the illustrations and talking about what she sees in them. Can't wait for future stories about Oscar's adventures.